Our Future

Thriving is our end goal. The research implies that it takes a village to thrive, and we hope that The Whole Child Center will begin first with us, the practitioners at the Center, as we work towards creating a harmonious, abundant system of thriving professionals. We then aim to unleash this abundant life in the individuals and families we serve.

In addition to the individual sessions and consultations, we will serve the community by training future therapists and current professionals, building a stronger network of support and increasing the level of compassion and care throughout Pasadena, LA, and the world.  We will also provide parenting study groups, and classes related to childcare, nutrition, neo-natal care, and so on. 

A percentage of these classes will be reserved for low-income families in our community.  Likewise, each member of our staff will devote a percentage of his or her professional hours to providing pro-bono sessions.

The Center will thus begin as a training, counseling, and auxiliary resources complex for the various populations of Pasadena. We hope to expand through teaching, writing, speaking, and media presentations, creating a rich library of online media resources. We will increase our involvement with schools in the area, as well as provide resources and training to other professionals, both locally and beyond.