Parenting Group for Adoptive Parents/Caregivers of Children with Special Needs

Join us for this group that addresses: 

  • Does your child have multiple appointments and special services?
  • Are you struggling to find a balance between your child and family needs?
  • Would it be helpful to receive support and a place to connect with other caregivers?
  • Are you faced with a broad range of issues relating to societal, health, emotional, family, financial and child behavioral factors?
  • Join us as we provide extra support that meets the special needs of adoptive parents/caregivers in order to help to build strong, healthy and connected families. 

Join us for a free information night! 

6:30 pm on December 13, 2017, at 1021 E. Walnut, Suite 200, Pasadena, CA 91106

Our group leaders, Melanie and Robyn, will speak about our upcoming parenting group for adoptive parents/caregivers of children with special needs. They will also receive feedback for a new support group that will start in the new year. 


Click here to download a flyer. 


Contact to RSVP and learn more. 

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