Deciphering Sensory Processing: A 9-Week Study Group for Professionals

This study group will address sensory processing as a whole, dissect each of the seven sensory systems, and discuss how sensory input impacts daily functioning--all of which will give you another lens with which to view the behaviors of clients. Plus, it will provide you tools to recognize the need for an Occupational Therapy evaluation!


Our next group will start on Thursday, June, 22, 2017, at 12:00 pm. Each session will take place at The Center for Connection, 1021 East Walnut Street, Suite 200, Pasadena, California 91106.  Click here to download the flyer.


Each group session costs $50; attendance at every group meeting is not required. For more information and to register, please contact Dr. Jaime Chaves (email: (Online video option available!)

ABOUT CFC GROUPS: The Center for Connection is based in Pasadena, California, and offers parenting classes and study groups for educators and professionals. We also provide various groups for kids to teach them tools to be successful in self-regulation and in the social world. Click here to learn more about our other groups.