Dungeons & Dragons: A Social Skills Group

Join us for another group adventure in our Dungeons and Dragons social skills group that rewards players with level ups, loot, epic swords and suits of armor, and tons of fun as we play Dungeons and Dragons*!

Group members meet for 75 mins. weekly for 8 weeks to create characters with special powers and abilities and engage in a team-based, structured role-playing game with other adventuring peers. Facilitated by two clinicians playing the Dungeon Master and an in-game guide, group members get to solve complex problems, strategically plan their combat, and creatively use their characters’ unique abilities while being challenged to work together, or perish. Listening skills, patience, turn taking, flexibility, critical thinking, consequences, empathy, and communication will be challenged in an exciting and motivating way as their characters come face to face with monsters, traps, gold, dungeons, and of course dragons!

Learn more downloading a copy of our flyer.

*For more information on how Dungeons and Dragons is being used in a therapeutic setting all over the country, visit: http://kotaku.com/therapists-are-using-dungeons-dragons-to-get-kids-to-1794806159


Our group will start off with a meet and greet/character workshop on Tuesday, February 13th, to meet your team and create or make adjustments to your character.  The next week, once we've met our team members and learned about the game, we take off on our weekly adventure! 

The group will run Tuesday evenings, 5:45 pm - 7:00 pm from February 13th through April 17th, with an off-week on March 27th, and is held at our Walnut office, 1021 E Walnut Ave, #200 in Pasadena.  


The cost of the group is $400 for the entire series, with a $50 early bird sign up discount by February 2nd.   

Please contact Melanie Dosen (email: melanie@thecenterforconnection.org) with further questions, or to reserve your spot in the group! 

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