About Francisco

Francisco Chaves, PhD

Baylor University

Truett Theological Seminary

(626) 788-1978










I help individuals and couples understand and overcome barriers that get in the way of living a meaningful and fulfilling life; this can include professional, family, emotional, or interpersonal challenges. My approach draws on therapeutic principles that value the understanding of how our experiences, self-awareness, and relationships impact how we cope with life's difficulties.  My clients describe me as insightful, authentic, and empathic. I believe the process of therapy is one that encourages collaboration and curiosity, and in doing so creates a hospitableenvironment to explore disappointments, losses, fears, anxieties, sadness, joys, and hopes.

Along with my individual practice, I am a sports psychologist and work with athletes, teams, and coaches in the LA area. I help athletes develop performance-based mental skills and navigate interpersonal issues related to athlete identity development. My work often includes performance anxiety, focus/concentration, imagery, and mental/emotional resilience.

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