About Megan


Megan Oesterreich, LCSW

University Southern California

(323) 868-7090


Megan Oesterreich, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice specializing in integrating nonviolent communication and interpersonal neurobiology into parenting, individual and family psychotherapy and clinical supervision.  She utilizes the foundations of nonviolent communication and empathy to focus upon underlying feelings and needs and assist clients in gaining awareness of their own life story to create a coherent narrative and the ability to be intentional and mindful in their lives. 

Certified as a parent educator in the Nonviolent Parenting Philosophy, Megan works closely with parents in classes, support groups and coaching sessions. She has also worked extensively as a clinical supervisor to unlicensed therapists looking to build their skills in working with clients utilizing this lens. 

Megan earned her BA in Psychology at Occidental College, with a focus in psychobiology, and her MSW at the University of Southern California with a concentration in Mental Health.  Megan has worked throughout her career as a clinical supervisor and a psychotherapist in Department of Mental Health contracted agencies as well as in the private practice setting.  Megan specializes in trauma recovery, PTSD, depression, anxiety, parenting struggles, parenting classes, and clinical supervision. 

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