Welcome to Our New Space!

The Center for Connection (CFC) recently added another office, 1021 E Walnut St., Suite 200, Pasadena, 91106, in order to accommodate our ever-growing staff and better serve our clients. With more space, more equipment, and more therapists come more opportunities, more potential for therapeutic progress, and more collaboration.

The educational therapy team now located at the Walnut office includes two part-time Educational Specialists, Tami Millard and Tiffanie Hoang, who are both seasoned educators working toward completion of requirements to become Educational Therapists, and Debra Hori, who is an experienced full-time Educational Therapist for CFC. In addition, Janel Umfress serves as a consultant to CFC for matters relating to educational therapy, school support, and speech/language pathology. We also have two full-time Occupational Therapists at the Walnut office, Dr. Jamie Chaves, and Justin Waring-Crane. Dr. Chaves has her state certification in feeding and swallowing.

At the center of the new space is our full sensory gym, rich in a variety of climbing components, swings, tactile experiences, chalkboard wall, and ample space to move around. Not to mention it is surrounded by windows to give a gorgeous view of the mountains and abundant natural light. Because the sensory gym serves as the central hub, our educational therapists and speech therapists can utilize the space in order to regulate clients before or during their sessions. This puts clients in a better state of mind for learning, allows them to be open to new challenges, and facilitates improved focus—all of which result in more productive sessions. Our occupational therapists find the new space to be more conducive to a sensory integration approach and the wide assortment of sensory-based activities allows them to tailor a “just right challenge” to children of many abilities and ages. Listed below are several of the most utilized pieces of equipment in our sensory gym and a brief description of how they might be used in therapy.

In addition, the Walnut space is equipped with a full kitchen that has ample space for feeding therapy. Kids can engage in making new food creations, constructing food houses and food faces, or simply having a picnic. The kitchen is quiet and exclusive so children can remain regulated and feel in control as they explore the world of new tastes, temperatures, and textures. 

Please stop by to see our new office!