Introducing the Play Strong Institute...

The Center is excited to announce that we've expanded. Our new venture, The Play Strong Institute, will be run by Managing Director Georgie Wisen-Vicent and will open its doors September 1, 2018. 

Located at 1021 E. Walnut in Pasadena, California, the Institute is dedicated to providing continuing education and training to a new generation of play therapists, advancing study and research in play therapy and neuroscience, and enriching the lives of children and families through counseling that is highly integrated with the science of interpersonal neurobiology, trauma-informed care, play and the expressive arts. 


Our mission is to promote best practices in Child-Centered Play Therapy training with a focus on the brain and relationships for graduate students, pre-licensed and licensed professionals in counseling, psychology, social work, family therapy, and integrative mental health. We always incorporate the latest research on the developing mind, brain, and relationships working from a neurobiology framework in play therapy to better understand the needs of children who experience stress, anxiety, and trauma and help develop stronger emotional resilience. 

Because children are better at expressing emotions through their actions, the distinct advantage of play therapy is that children express their ideas and feelings through creativity and hands-on innovation. Research shows that our brains develop and get connected from the bottom up, so we begin with body movement and sensory experiences and allow children to make a natural progression to complex thinking, emotional awareness, and mature communication. In play therapy, children can share their life stories, form new connections and build confidence around previous challenges that have been difficult, uncomfortable, worrisome, confusing, or chaotic. A creatively attuned play therapist responds skillfully and effectively to clarify their needs, help them express their emotions, find new solutions, practice new skills, and rewire healthy brain connections in a way that feels most natural, comfortable, and yes, even fun and enjoyable to children!

Improving quality play therapy education and training for prospective play therapists and building competence in the neurorelational framework that respects the individual differences of children, teens and young adults are of particular importance to us. Our team of therapists, supervisors, and instructors has spent many years studying and practicing evidence-based, research-supported approaches in play therapy guided by the science of interpersonal neurobiology. We are very proud to share our knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for teaching and working holistically with children and families. Join us in the movement to create stronger, healthier, more resilient kids through play!

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