Hear Annalise Kordell & Other Experts at the 2019 Kidskintha Parenting Consciousness Conference

Save the Date: February 15 - 18, 2019


Register now and get 48-hours of FREE access to over 28 interviews with experts from the fields of neurology, psychology, mental health coaching, teaching, and educational entrepreneurship (including the Center for Connection’s very own Clinical Director, Annalise Kordell, who will speak on “How to Build Coping Mechanisms for Unprocessed and Frightening Big Feelings through a Child’s Changing Years”). Click here to watch a quick excerpt.

Watch these Trailers to Learn More

Click the button above to register now for FREE. You will receive an email at the start of the conference, and will have 48 hours to watch the various keynote addresses. Topic focuses include:

1. Practicing child-centered, connection-based parenting

2. Beating Parenting Overwhelm

3. Raising children with self-awareness

4. Making sense of their rapidly changing bodies and minds

5. Raising Future-Ready kids

6. Raising strong and resilient children

7. Setting children up for academic success.