Cool, Calm, & Connected [A Group on Emotional Regulation]

Our "Cool, Calm, Connected" group centers around emotional regulation for parents and kids. Our facilitators for this group are typically Karla Cardoza, MA, AMFT, and Claire Penn, MSW.

Here's how our CCC group works: kids meet in one room, learning about emotional regulation, practicing awareness and skills, and incorporating lots of psychoeducation on the brain, zones of arousal, sensory soothing, etc. We teach it by using roleplays, group discussion, creative problem solving, and making sock puppets about our brain! At the same time, parents meet in another room, where they receive parenting support and discuss the same content that their kids are working on, so that they're better able to help kids talk about, practice and integrate those skills into their daily lives. Families leave the group with a new, shared vocabulary around emotional expression and connection with a host of new strategies. We cover topics such as:

  • what is emotional regulation,

  • where do we feel emotions in our bodies,

  • how can we regulate ourselves (and our children),

  • what are our biggest triggers and issues,

  • what are our own sensory sensitivities, and

  • how to have more compassion for ourselves and children.


There are no groups scheduled at this time.


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