Postdoctoral Certificate in Neuropsychology

Are you a clinical psychologist interested in incorporating neuropsychological testing into your practice? Join a supportive group of peers to learn more about the brain, expand your practice, and connect with other psychologists:

Fielding University’s Postdoctoral Certificate in Neuropsychology program is now being offered at The Center for Connection in Pasadena, California. 


Fielding’s Postdoctoral Certificate in Neuropsychology program provides clinical psychologists with formal instruction in neuropsychological foundations, theories, and assessments. The curriculum provides a broad foundation in the latest theories and research in brain-based relationships. It also includes training in how to administer, score, and interpret neuropsychological tests and batteries. Throughout the program the careful study of patients with various neuropathological disorders supports your learning of appropriate rehabilitative methods and techniques for specific patient groups.


▪   Expand your practice and increase your income

▪   Learn neuropsychological foundations, theories, and assessments

▪   Acquire hands-on experience in neuropsychological testing

▪  Study with renowned faculty


10 weekends a year over a two-year period.

Applications due by the end of July 2018 for classes starting in September 2018.


For more information please contact Dr. Ashley Taylor at ashley@thecenterforconnection.org626-344-8561


To download a flyer, click here.