2019-2020 Dyadic Play Therapy Training Series

Neurorelational Dyadic Play Therapy Training Series

Provided by The Center for Connection’s Play Strong Training Institute

The Neurorelational Dyadic Play Therapy Training Series is designed for mental health professionals at all skill levels and can be used toward completion of up to 50 hours of Play Therapy education required to become a Registered Play Therapist (RPT). Now offered In Person and Online.

Feeling ready to expand your play therapy toolkit? This course offers cutting-edge, research based techniques to work with families using a play-based interaction model designed to strengthen parent-child attachment, increase the emotional regulation of children and their caregiving adults, and build in resilience against stress, anxiety and trauma experienced by families. You'll learn to improve the parent-child relationship in dyadic and family play therapy treatment to positively impact and accelerate emotional and behavioral outcomes for children.

Admission is now open, enroll before the first workshop date, Saturday September 21, to join a vibrant learning community of IPNB informed therapists. Start your registration today!

Click the button above to learn more about the series, workshop content, pricing, and how to sign up. Our first session begins on September 21st!