About Esther

Esther Chon, Phd, EdM


Special training and experience in:

  • Attachment theory and research
  • Child Parent Psychotherapy
  • Trauma related work
  • Brazelton’s Touchpoints
  • NCAST feeding assessment
  • Newborn Behavior Observation
  • Maternal Mental Health issues
  • NICU parent and preemie experience 


Dr. Esther Chon is a licensed clinical psychologist who is endorsed as a Parent-Infant Mental Health Specialist in the state of California.  Esther has over 10 years’ experience working with parents and infants/young children in biological, foster, and adoptive homes as well as in the hospital setting, especially the NICU. Incorporating specialized training on brain development and attachment research allows Esther to provide a unique perspective on the often mind-boggling, and yet the most rewarding experiences of parenting. 

Often making positive changes to our parenting and relationship styles requires hard work, tenacity, and commitment.  A qualified guide can shed a light onto the pathway toward healing, at times lending us a bigger, more hopeful perspective when ours seem too dark, hopeless, or overwhelming.

Improving our relationships with our children, no matter how old or young they are, can have positive impacts on self-esteem, problem solving skills, peer relationships, intimate relationships, and intellectual functioning of not only our children, but will likely reverberate down to the next generations. 

The early relationship style we form with our family tend to stay with us throughout our developing years and into adulthood.  Gaining an understanding about our own early relationships and experiences helps us shed light onto how we tend to function in our current relationships, including how we tend to relate to ourselves.  

Esther works with children up to 12 years old and with individual adults over 19.  Esther’s practice is informed by brain development, attachment theory, trauma informed care, cultural humility and reflective practice. 

Esther grew up in Southern California but has enjoyed educational and work/life experiences in the East and West Coasts, Asia, and Canada.  Her favorite city is Boston and would fly to live there in a heart beat if all her favorite people would move with her!  Until then, Esther enjoys life in the San Gabriel Valley together with her family, including her morkie puppy.  Some of her hobbies include photography, sketching, cooking, swimming, and enjoying good food and good wine with good friends!