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Thanks for visiting! Our Educational Care Team offers a range of educational support services for children and adolescents who are struggling in school. We work with clients in Pasadena and the greater San Gabriel area, and provide flexible hours to suit a range of scheduling needs. Keep reading to learn more about our team and services, or you can request a consultation by scrolling down and completing our consultation request form.

Our Team’s Background & Approach

The Center for Connection’s Educational Care Team is comprised of seasoned educators who are:

  • Enthusiastic about learning and teaching

  • Skilled in developing strong relationships with students

  • Committed to identifying individual learning needs for each student

  • Experts in multiple methods to teach all types of learners

  • Inquisitive problem-solvers who enjoy the challenge of working with atypical learners

  • Compassionate observers who strive to address learning needs creatively and with care.  

What is Educational Therapy?

 Educational therapists are educators who provide individualized support to children and adults with learning differences, using their knowledge of the emotional, social, neurological, academic, and behavioral aspects of learning. Typical clients of educational therapists include but are not limited to individuals with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, or who experience executive functioning deficits or difficulty in the areas of language, visual, and auditory processing.

Tiers of Educational Care

All of our Educational Care team members provide academic support with warmth and compassion. We believe it is important to establish a strong relationship with our students. Our team is comprised of different tiers of expertise to provide different levels of care. Educational Therapists provide the most intensive 1:1 support for students with the greatest and most complex needs. Along with Educational Therapists, we have experienced educators on staff who work directly with students with learning differences and are in the process of obtaining their Educational Therapy certification.  We call these professionals Educational Specialists and Educational Associates

Educational Associates

Educational Associates are professionals who are in the beginning stages of their Educational Therapy certification program. These are seasoned educators who have worked with students with learning challenges and who are in the process of honing their skills to work towards becoming professional level Educational Therapists.

Educational Specialists

Educational Specialists are professionals who have years of experience teaching students with learning differences and who are completing the last portion of their Educational Therapy training and supervised hours. They are often teachers, educators, and learning specialists, some with training and graduate work in special education. 

Meet Our Team

Educational Care Team FAQs

 Click below to find out how we integrate emotional regulation into our work; how our multi-disciplinary approach enhances our work; the difference between educational care and tutoring; what a typical session looks like; costs; and more.

How do I get started?

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