Kristy Lawson, OT

University of Southern California













Dr. Kristy (Seaver) Lawson is a pediatric occupational therapist who works with children ages 1 year to 18 years old, all with their own individual differences and challenges.  She completed her Master of Arts and Doctorate in Occupational Therapy degrees from the University of Southern California.  Her clinical doctorate work specialized in picky eating and mealtime participation.  Additional educational focus included sensory integration, school-based occupational therapy, and time management strategies for those with ADHD.  Kristy’s therapeutic work is grounded in sensory integration theory, DIR Floortime®, motor learning theory, and neurodevelopmental therapy.  She can help your child enhance his/her whole body coordination or body awareness, fine motor activities such as handwriting, daily activity skills such as dressing or daily routines, visual motor skills, as well as attention, focus and emotional regulation.

One of Kristy’s main goals of therapy is to help you, the caregiver, understand and support your child through activities that are most meaningful to them as well as to your family.  Occupational therapy is a dynamic team effort: collaboration between the family, the therapist, and other supporting members in a child’s life is important to a successful therapy experience.  Kristy will guide you through the therapy process and other transitions your child is facing.  

Kristy has her Advanced Practice in Feeding and Swallowing Intervention (SWC) in the state of California.  This provides her with another level of expertise to help your child with a variety of feeding challenges including oral motor coordination, picky eating, sensory aversions, or anxiety around mealtimes.  She is trained in Beckman Oral Motor Protocol and Get Permission Approach, with knowledge in Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding and Baby-Led Weaning.  As a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), considering the whole child (and whole body) is an important element to the therapeutic process. 

Kristy is excited to be a member of the team at The Center for Connection and have the opportunity to work with your child on many facets of their life.