Community Services

In addition to our various therapeutic services, we serve the community by training future therapists and current professionals, building a stronger network of support, and increasing the level of compassion and care throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.  We also provide groups and classes for therapists, educators, and anyone interested in their own development as a professional.

Through teaching, writing, speaking, and media presentations, along with connected involvement with schools, we will continue to provide resources and training to other professionals locally and beyond.  

Professional Development

We also offer study groups and online trainings for educators and professionals, such as attachment workshops and teachings from Dr. Tina Payne Bryson.  

Parenting Classes & Groups

We provide parenting classes as well as a range of groups for kids of varying ages, helping them learn tools to be successful in self-regulation and in the social world.  


Play therapy

Our Center has expanded to include a dedicated Institute for providing continuing education and training to a new generation of play therapists, as well as counseling and other resources for enriching the lives of children and families.



Banner photo credit: Helena Lopes and Usplash.