About Tiffanie


Tiffanie Hoang, MFA

Cal State University, San Marcos





Tiffanie works with students to create individualized learning strategies and tools to better help them understand their own ways of learning, and to explore and appreciate the fullness of their personhood. She honors and builds upon a person’s strengths, and lives for moments where the wonder of one’s own resilience, unique mind, and sense of self bursts forth. As an educational specialist, she fosters communication with teachers and families to help children thrive not only in school, but in whatever arena their lives may take them. 

Tiffanie has her undergraduate degree in Literature and Writing from California State University, San Marcos, where she worked one-on-one to help undergraduate and graduate students at the campus Writing Center with critical reading, writing, argumentation, and elaboration skills. She received her Master of Fine Arts from CalArts in Creative Writing, where she designed and taught undergraduate writing courses to a variety of learners with an emphasis on clarifying and demystifying each step of the writing process. She continued to work one-on-one with undergraduate art students struggling with reading and writing. She works as a 4th and 5th grade Language Arts teacher at Walden School while also working individually with students in the lower elementary grades all the way through high school. 

Tiffanie is also a Kundiman Fellow, which is a workshop retreat for emerging Asian-American writers that takes place at Fordham University. She had the honor of studying under some of her literary heroes, such as Li Young Lee and Srikanth Reddy. In her spare time, Tiffanie enjoys visiting Vietnam with her family. She also loves her two rescued pit bulls, Leeloo and Bluebell.