Educational Care Team FAQs  

What is The Center for Connection difference?  

Regulation First. We know that children do their best learning when they are in a calm, open, alert, and receptive state. Our best teaching will not be as effective if a child is not in this regulated state or "green zone". Many children need guidance and skill building to develop their capacity and find their "green zone" before they can get the maximum benefit from intervention. The Center for Connection Educational Care Team focuses on teaching children to self-regulate so that intervention will be much more effective. 

What is Multi-disciplinary Teamwork?    

The Educational Care Team collaborates with The Center for Connection’s Occupational Therapists, Speech/Language Pathologist, Psychotherapists, Clinical Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, all with a wealth of knowledge from their various disciplines. We collaborate weekly on cases, problem-solve in open discussion with many minds and perspectives.

How does our educational care differ from tutoring?

Our educational care providers are not only specialists who teach skills, such as reading, writing and math, we are also process specialists who focus on the “how” of learning. We are trained to address the whole person and have experience in education and/or special education and additional training in child development, learning differences, remediation techniques, study skills and organization strategies.

What does an educational care session look like?  

If a student is dysregulated, we work first to gain a state of regulation, calm, and optimal learning. Educational care providers establish strong relationships with their students to provide a safe space to explore and grow. Every session involves one-to-one “diagnostic teaching”. As we work with students, we watch how they are self-regulating, how they take in information, how they remember, how they have already figured out what they need to do to learn, what they struggle with and how.  We "hold" the space and help children to calm, and help them to grow their "green zone". We work on academics and offer strategies and techniques to build self-confidence and skills. 

What are your fees for Educational Care services?

Here are ranges for our services for a 50-minute session: 

Educational Therapy: $150 - $180 

Educational Specialists: $130 - $150

Educational Associates: $120


How do I get started? 

Complete our Educational Care Team Contact Form here.