Parenting Consultations

It can be difficult to be a parent, especially when it comes to facing challenges and contentious issues such as homework, screen time, food choices, and bedtime.  And when your child’s behavior or emotional reactions seem particularly intense, parents can feel at a total loss.  At the Center for Connection, we understand. And we can help.  Our therapists will work with you, listening to understand what you’re facing, then work with you to approach your child and the situation more effectively.  

At the CFC our goal is to give you strategies—based on the latest research on childrearing and the brain—that can help you not only survive difficult moments with your kids, but actually use those very moments to help your children thrive.  

To be more specific, we’ll work with you on a few main points:

  • Steps for identifying your own discipline philosophy—and mastering the best methods to effectively discipline and communicate the lessons you want to impart;

  • Ways to calmly connect and communicate love for a child—no matter how extreme the behavior—while still setting clear and consistent limits;

  • Tips for navigating your children through emotional storms;

  • Facts on child brain development—and what kind of discipline or expectations are most appropriate and constructive at all ages and stages;

  • Suggestions for how co-parents can work together in a unified way when they experience conflict over childrearing decisions and philosophy;

  • Keys to understanding what’s typical for your child’s age and stage, to better determine together whether your child might need some additional support.

 We’ll work to help you peacefully resolve conflicts, inspire happiness, understand your child’s growing brain and developing mind, and strengthen resilience for everyone in the family.  It can be tremendously valuable to sit with an expert and ask your questions, learn more effective strategies, and figure out how to be more intentional about building your relationship with your child.



The following is a collection of resources from Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, PhD., our Center’s Founder/Executive Director and co-author of The Whole-Brain Child, No-Drama Discipline, The Yes Brain, The Power of Showing Up, and Bottom Line for Baby: