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Justin Waring Crane, MS

University of Southern California








Justin Waring Crane is a pediatric occupational therapist passionate about supporting children and families in becoming more connected with each other, the world, and their bodily senses. She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Southern California, where she had the opportunity to learn about sensory integration techniques and child development from a holistic, client-centered perspective. At the Center for Connection, she has been fortunate to work alongside inspiring clinicians, strengthening her interdisciplinary collaboration skills. Justin conducts evaluations, practices individual occupational therapy, family consultation, educator support, and group therapy.

Her work with children has shone a light on the ways brains develop and are affected by the world. She uses this knowledge to teach your child skills for becoming more independent and confident dealing with the various sensations he experiences day to day (sights, sounds, touch, taste, movement). Using a strengths based approach, she will holistically assess your child’s self-care routines, fine and gross motor skills, and processing of sensory information. Justin is certified in the Integrated Listening System program (iLs) which supports improved auditory processing along with balance, coordination, and regulation. She is also qualified to administer the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), as developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, which strengthens social emotional centers in the brain.

Justin’s approach blends sensory integration theory, empathy, active listening, cultural humility, and therapeutic use of self. She enjoys “chasing the why” with parents and educators in order to peel back the layers of meaning behind children’s challenges. Her capacity for playfulness and humor has been an invaluable intervention tool. 

Partnering with her friend and CFC colleague, educational specialist Tiffanie Hoang, Justin is eager to develop a female empowerment program for middle schoolers in which they can explore issues of identity, expression, self-image, and gender equality. In her free time, Justin is most likely rearranging her living room or dazzling on the karaoke stage.

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