About Justin


Justin Waring Crane, MS

University of Southern California








Justin Waring Crane is a pediatric occupational therapist serving families in the San Fernando Valley at the CFC and through Every Child Achieves, Inc. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Southern California, where she had the opportunity to learn about sensory integration techniques and child development.

Her work with children has given her an understanding of the ways brains develop and are affected by the world. She will use this knowledge to teach your child skills for becoming more independent and comfortable dealing with all of the different sensations they experience day to day (sights, sounds, touch, taste). Her hope is that through collaboration with other professionals and with you, the parent, your child will feel more at ease and successful in differing environments and you will better understand the ways in which your child takes in the surrounding world. She will look at your child's strengths and challenges holistically to asses self-care skills, fine-motor skills, gross motor skills, and their processing of sensory information, among other things.

In her work she strives to listen carefully and thoughtfully to caregivers and design interventions that make sense for the reality of daily life within their families.

Occupations (activities) that keep Justin happy outside of work are yoga, days in Malibu, and Dodger games. Through meaningful activities, she will support you and your children in important daily routines and roles, with a focus on emotions and relationships.

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