A Message from Tina Bryson 

Founder/Executive Director

Sometimes there are parts of our lives or our relationships that don’t work very well, and at times we can feel helpless to change the things that cause us the most distress.  We all need support from time to time.  At The Center for Connection, that’s why we’re here:  to support you.  

You might be a parent, whose child is finding it difficult to handle emotions, make good decisions, manage behavior, succeed socially or academically, or find physical or mental health. The fear, helplessness, anger, sadness, frustration, and anxiety we feel when our children are struggling can be excruciating.  And it’s even worse when we don’t understand the reasons behind these struggles.  

Our interdisciplinary team looks at an individual’s brain, mind, and relationships, and we work to peel back the layers and discover what’s interfering with a child’s joy and vitality.  Our goal is not just to treat symptoms, but rather to find the source of those symptoms and then to provide experiences and interventions that cultivate your child’s optimal development, helping them to become happy, healthy, and fully themselves.

You might be facing challenges yourself—in your relationships, in your perspective on life, in your ability to enjoy and find meaning each day, or in handling other changes in your life.  We can be in relationships where we don’t feel supported or seen, where we feel held hostage by intense negative emotions, or where life seems overwhelming and far from what we’d like it to be.  These problems can cause stress, distract us, weigh us down, and rob us of our sense of security, well-being, and happiness. 

That’s where The Center for Connection comes in.  We’re here for you.  We’ve created the Center to be a place you can turn when you don’t know where to go or what the next step should be.  We’ve assembled some of the best professionals in Southern California, from a wide assortment of fields, and we’re all here to help.  Working from a perspective that relies on the latest research and emphasizes the importance of relationships and development across the lifespan, we can help you, your family, and others important to you not only survive what you’re going through, but learn to thrive in ways you probably haven’t even imagined.

We’re here for you.