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Relationships and the science of interpersonal neurobiology guide everything that happens at the Center for Connection.  Informed by cutting-edge research and intently focused on helping people discover more joy and meaning in their lives through connection with others, the CFC's mission is to help kids, adults, and families be happier, healthier, and more fully themselves.

The Center has gathered under one roof a team of dedicated and expert practitioners from various fields—psychology, social work, pediatrics, educational and occupational therapy, neuropsychology, parent education, speech and language therapy, and on and on—with each practitioner offering a connection-based perspective.  Kids and adults who visit will receive multidisciplinary treatment that is consistent, well informed, relationally based, and always aimed at helping them grow and thrive.

We know that relationships have the power to change our brains and therefore transform our lives. That’s why we say it all starts with connection. Connected relationships = connected brains. Our focus here isn’t just on changing a person’s behavior, but instead on promoting strong and significant relationships between parents and their children, between partners, among educators and students, and even among professionals—all for health, happiness, and thriving.
— Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., Founder/Executive Director of The Center for Connection

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Our Approach

Multidisciplinary, focusing on the whole person, and the whole family

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